20 Challenges for Performance Marketers

There’s no easy way to say this: Affiliate marketing on the Web can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will never be able to generate exposure and profit for a Web based enterprise.

Becoming a master affiliate marketer takes effort, knowledge and experience. But in the same way that it is hard to get a job without prior work experience, it can be hard to fulfill affiliate marketing objectives without some previous experience in the Web marketing world. It is therefore important for affiliate marketers to undertake – and master – certain fundamental challenges before they can expect a high level of success. The result will be much-improved productivity and effectiveness for the Internet marketing campaigns for which you are responsible.

What you will find in this brief guide is essentially 20 days’ worth of the most important Internet marketing challenges that you will ever attempt along your path to Web success. Master these fundamental tests of skill, creativity and courage, and you can both shorten and simplify that journey by gaining the attention and loyalty of users on social media destinations, dominating search engine results and earning higher profits. The 20 challenges are based on the day-to-day practices in which the world’s best affiliate marketers engage at any given time. Many affiliates specialize in some of the individual disciplines such as design, allowing them to focus on tasks such as website and microsite development. Others may be marketing analysts who focus on the gathering of information and reporting of data-driven insights.  Understanding all of the responsibilities of a Web marketing master will serve you extremely well in accelerating the performance of your digital campaigns.

Each challenge provides beginner, intermediate and advanced tactics so that regardless of your skill levels you can start taking practical steps towards a more profitable and engaging website property. Whether you have thousands or millions of dollars to invest – or are looking for pennies underneath the couch cushions – you will discover several ways to meet or beat these Web challenges.









































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