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A majority of Web workers at one time or another have at least flirted with the idea of becoming an affiliate marketer and generating revenue by directly assisting in the sales process of a Web merchant or by simply referring end users (consumers) to the products or services of product merchants, content publishers and software and service providers who are willing to pay for that marketing support. If they have not considered it, then they are simply unaware the practice exists or are struggling with execution. Affiliate 360 from Website Magazine aims to change that.

If there were one secret to affiliate success, besides working hard, it is mastering the fundamentals, techniques and tactics of Web marketing in general. This is what Affiliate 360 aims to provide – a foundation for readers to understand the challenges and opportunities in affiliate marketing so they can shorten their personal road to Web success.

Affiliate 360 is a book that will be highlighted and earmarked by you because it provides practical tools and effective strategies for achieving success as an affiliate from some of the best minds in the performance-marketing industry. Affiliate 360 is less “business book” and more of an action plan for achieving success as an affiliate marketer.

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CHAPTER 1: Before Getting Started
- Getting Rich Quick
- The Hard Truth
- The World’s Best Marketers

CHAPTER 2: Affiliate Basics
- How Affiliate Marketing Works
- Proven, Cross-Vertical Best Practices
- Putting It All Together

CHAPTER 3: The Rules of Engagement
- Matters of Transparency
- Always Be Closing
- Becoming a Cult Leader

Chapter 4: Finding the Right Program & Products
- Know Thyself, Know Your Passions and Motivations
- Audience Needs Assessment
- Pursue Verticals with Advertiser Density

Chapter 5: Models, Networks & Merchants/Vendors
- CPA/CPL/CPC Ad Models
- Alternative Implementations for Affiliates
- Networks and Direct to Merchant Offerings

Chapter 6: Content & The New Age of Affiliate Marketing
- Traditional Publishers
- New Media Dominance
- Developing Technical Prowess

Chapter 7: Affiliate Tools & Skills of the Trade
- The Creative Mind
- A Master Set of Resources
- Money, Compliments, Publicity

Chapter 8: Email, Community Building & Getting Social
- Recognize the power of Email
- Fostering an Affiliate Community
- Getting Social – Messaging Strategies

Chapter 9: Chapter: Advertising & Arbitrage
- Strategic Media Buys
- Market Imbalance Discovery
- Multi-Level Marketing

Chapter 10: Analytics for Affiliates
- Monitoring Return on Investment
- Essential Sitewide Analytics
- Network vs. Network Performance

Chapter 11: Affiliates & Domain Names
- Website Buying Process
- Domain Flipping for Affiliates
- Site Selling Strategies

Chapter 12: Being the Merchant
- The Single Greatest Source of Income
- Finding a Stable Platform
- Fostering an Affiliate Community

Affiliate 360 Roundup
- Final Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing

20 Affiliate Marketing Challenges
- Practical and effective tasks for affiliate marketers

Affiliate Marketing Glossary
- The terms and phrases affiliates need to know

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